100% Mortgages and No Deposit Mortgages

Getting a mortgage for 100% in 2012 can impossible not just difficult! If you are successful in obtaining a 100% mortgage, you are likely to be hit with high lending charges and very high interest rates. Mortgage Calculators to help you work out Loans for 100% mortgages
What is a 100% Mortgage
A one hundred percent mortgage is when you lend the full amount or value of a house you’d like to buy. These types of mortgages are normally for first time buyers and haven’t had chance to save 10% of the value.

This could be at least £10k on a house just worth £100k. This site 100-Mortgages.org.uk is here to help people and couples to find the cheast and best mortgage deals availiable. Get 100 Percent Mortgages – Find 100 Percent Mortgages for Mortgage Experience The Best Whole of Market Broker.

If you are wondering who or which banks / building society’s offer a 100% mortgage browse our website to find some.

A list of a few banks that offer mortgages:

  • Co-operativebank
  • LloydsTSB
  • RBS
  • Aviva
  • Halifaxget a life quote now